Who We Are

Chris Williams

As Founder and Chief Guidance Office, Chris is relentless in providing both strong and loving guidance for recovering from life most challenging experiences and moments.

Susan Hastings

Dr. Susan Hastings Psy.D, LMFT

As Lead Therapist and Director of Clinical Development, Susan is known as the “Trauma Whisperer.” She brings tremendous wisdom, experience and expertise to each and every person, opportunity and endeavor she engages in.

As “Confidence Provider,” Jasmine provides a strong and caring presence that allows people to relax, put down their walls and masks and enter into telling and seeing the most honest version of themselves and their stories.

Jasmine Walker

As “Pathfinding Overcomer,"  George enters into life’s most confusing, overwhelming and shame-ridden experiences and helps people discover their inner-strengths to break from free from crippling and paralyzing fears

George Garcia

As “Empowered Motivator," Jeff guides individuals and couples with the transformational force of love. He moves with great care and precision to help people identify the core issues that keep them stuck.

Jeff Ortiz