Trauma Recovery/PTSD Therapy

The impact of traumatic events and experiences can have profound, lasting and devastating effects on a person’s life. These effects can include, but not limited to painful memories, reactive and out-of-control emotional experiences, patterns of failed relationships, repeated traumas, and problems with sleeping, nightmares, defensiveness, depression, anxiety, shame and self-hatred, as well as being trapped in cycles of addiction.

The person suffering from traumatic life events often find deep struggle to experience significant and lasting relationships. Often the impact of trauma keeps people stuck in emotional reactivity and strained relationships keeping them in intense desires to escape. Trauma increases fear, distrust and shame which can seem constant and, sometimes insurmountable. Finding healing and relief from the impact of trauma becomes imperative for the person who suffers. The right fit for therapy is critically important to the healing process.

Renovari Counseling offers a safe, supportive and healing environment for individuals to work through their traumatic life experiences and discover a road of healing and recovery. The therapy works from an experiential model that allows a person to process through their trauma in a collaborative and supportive environment that goes beyond individual talk therapy. In addition, our staff is trained in EMDR trauma recovery.

*Renovari Counseling also conducts trauma recovery groups and intensive workshops. Please contact us for further information.