Spiritual Healing and Growth

A life of "quiet desperation" has become an epidemic in our culture, and more importantly, in our daily lives. This quiet desperation is often marked by spiritual disconnection and a loss of faith. The loss of connection and life with God often has devastating effects on our lives. It is marked by loss of purpose and direction, as well as a loss of passion and meaning. The sense of peace that accompanies a strong relationship with God can turn into a cold distance and painful isolation.

Times of spiritual disconnection are very common, even necessary in the Christian walk. These times have been referred to as "desert experiences", "winters of the soul", or "dark nights of the soul". Whatever we call them the experience is incredibly difficult, even painful. Finding guidance, strength and direction through these times is essential to spiritual growth and development. There are countless possible reasons and contributing factors to times of spiritual difficulty and disconnection. We work with clients to identify specific areas in their lives that block or cut-off connection to God. We explore fears, pains or hurts that keep them defended from the love and forgiveness of God. Ultimately, we work to create a process for people to reconnect to their faith, themselves and a stronger, more fulfilling relationship with God.

We are Christian therapists, deeply committed to a strong connection to God and motivated by His purposes. If you have found yourself in a pattern of spiritual disconnection, hopelessness or frustration please give us a call today to discover the path back to the heart of God.