Experiential Groups


Renovari has created powerful group experiential is designed for specific areas of recovery, healing and growth. These unique experiences provide a powerful environment and process. The dynamics of the group allow for a person's transformation to occur at a deeper level with relational support and direction.

These groups incorporate experiential processes that reach into core issues and access deeper strength. This allows for much greater insight and clarity, powerful breakthroughs to occur. Simply, your desired outcome can be accomplished more quickly and deeply in the groups experiential process. As one client put it, " it was like a year's worth in 2 months."

Renovari Experiential Groups

  • Living Free - 10-Week Trauma Recovery Group
  • Restoring Sexual Integrity - 12-Week Sexual Addictive/Compulsive Recovery Group
  • Empowered Life - 8-Week Getting Unstuck Group
  • Thriving Families - 8-Week Parenting Teens Group
  • Prolific Love - 12-Week Spiritual Healing, Growth and Renewal Group
  • Deep Marriage - 6-Week Couples Group *Based on How We Love, By Milan and Kay Yerkovich
  • Restoring Sexual Integrity - 6 Week Group for Men
  • Prolific Love Experience - 3-day Group for Men