Empowered Life - Designing the Life You Desire

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Empowered Life - Designing the Life You Desire


An 8 -Week Experiential Program

Getting Unstuck to Creating the Life You Desire

This 8-week group process is designed for those who desire to live purposeful and fulfilled lives, but have found themselves feeling stuck and unsatisfied in the life they’re living. The “stuck life” carries subtle, yet strong frustrations of barely making it by from day to day. Yet, somewhere inside is a life designed for fulfillment, connection and impact. This is the Empowered Life we were all meant to live.

Renovari has created an 8-week process to uncover the internal and external blocks that hold you back while discovering your purpose. The Empowered Life process guides through identifying and recovering from unhealthy patterns and paralyzing fears. We restore life-giving connection with the self, others and God, and renew clarity of purpose in daily living.

One participant in the process stated, “I was to able to clearly see my painful experiences, relational wounds and dysfunctional ways of thinking keeping me trapped. I found a safe space for raw honesty to discover my core strengths.

I found renewed confidence that catalyzed authentic love and connection. I became focused on my core purposes which is leading me to a new way of living."

Feeling trapped often leads to unhealthy relational patterns, increased fears and anxieties and behaviors that can become destructive. If you find yourself living the life you never wanted, there is a way through and a way out. This group is designed for you. It is time to invest in the life you were meant to live. Register today as space is limited (8 per group).

The 8 Week Empowered Life Experiential will meet Monday afternoon from 3:30pm – 5:00pm starting August 14th and finishing up October 9th (Off Labor Day). The cost is $800 for the 8-Week Experiential.


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