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Transformation Group Experiences

Discover the life you were meant to live.

The group experience provides powerful synergy towards significant healing and growth. 

These experiences are carefully designed and created to provide a powerful process to recover from painful/destructive patterns, restore relational connection and renew purpose in daily living. 

The group experience provides powerful connections and dynamics that can't be replicated in individual. As a participant has said, "I felt I received a year's worth of therapy in in two months."

Living Free - Trauma Recovery Program

A 10-Week Therapeutic Experience to Break Free from Painful Pasts and Into a Greater Future

The Living Free experience is designed for those who desire to live emotionally free and fulfilled lives, yet encountered traumatic and painful life circumstances that keep them stuck in unhealthy behaviors and self-defeating patterns. It can often be difficult to see the connection between our past pain and current struggles, but the link is real and powerful. Our painful and traumatic histories often show up in relentless fears, relational frustrations and trapped emotions. 

Intuitively, we know that life is not supposed to be lived in constant fear and frustration. We are right, life can be lived with greater freedom and deeper connections.

The Living Free process guides you through understanding the pain of the past and into greater healing and growth. 

The spiritual writer Richard Rohr says, “the pain that is not transformed is transmitted.” We see this truth clearly in the unresolved and unhealed hurts of our past. If you, or a loved one is in this place please take this opportunity to discover the freedom of trauma recovery.

As one person stated, “I’m figuring how to live in the world as a feeling person. I am learning to be more of myself and more present to life in front of me. I am no longer defined or determined by what has happened to me.”

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