Depression & Anxiety


The experience of depression is incredibly common and prevalent. Many people will experience significant symptoms of depression throughout their lifetime. Depression can show up as loss of energy, motivation, trouble with sleeping or over-sleeping, loss of appetite or overeating, as well as hopelessness and loss of enjoyment in life. Though common, the experiences of depression can be both painful and debilitating. There are many causes and sources of depression and it is critically important to understand the specific impact potential roots.

One of the primary neurological impacts of depression is a loss of usable energy. We seek to do a comprehensive biological, psychological and emotional evaluation. We pay special attention to what is draining energy and seek to restore the behavioral, relational, mental and emotional process that increase energy for greater functioning and life experiences.

It is important that we recovery a sense of hope and positive momentum, as well as strong support systems for personal sustainable and reusable energy sources for recover from depression.



Anxiety and stress are common and universal experiences. They provide important information about how we are experiencing the word around us. They can even serve as strong motivators towards positive action. However, when anxiety and stress begin to take on a larger role than intended, they can become paralyzing. In a frantic, disconnected and stressed-out world our common anxieties and stresses can easily become controlling fears. When fear takes over, it takes over our thoughts, feelings, relationships and overall functioning. It often has a devastating affect on our lives.

Anxiety not only deeply impacts our mental and emotional well-being, but our physical health as well. Under chronic or intense stress, anxiety and/or fear the body starts to breakdown. There is not an area of life unaffected by the impact. Seeking help is crucial to finding healthy life-skills to reduce stress, increase a sense of peace and live more fully connected to the world around us.