Believing the Miracle

This past Sunday I was one of millions who watched the Super Bowl. Watching the first 3 quarters it was safe to say whom was going to win. From the first play, the Falcons outperformed the Patriots in nearly every aspect of the game. The Falcons were poised and confident in their performance. However, as the game continued into the later stages, there was something else going on. It was subtle, consistent and powerful. We were beginning to see the reemergence of the Patriots as we have been accustomed to seeing. They kept focused on each play in front of them, climbing back into the game. The lead was so big and at times unimaginable to overcome, but the Patriots continued to play each down, making the most of their opportunities. They were trailing 28-9 late in the second half. They closed the gap to 28-12, then 28-20 and then 28-28. The game was sent into overtime and history was made with the largest comeback in both Super Bowl and NFL Playoff history. The unimaginable was playing out right in front us. To come back from that big of a deficit and eventually win is nothing short of miraculous! However, the miracle wasn’t mysterious. The Patriots ability to remain focused on their strengths and refused to give up propelled them into the impossible. The Patriots believed they had what it took to win and did just that.

One image sticks in my brain, Tom Brady walking off the field and into the locker room looking determined though he was down 21-3. I have no idea what was said in the locker room, but nothing mysterious took place. My guess is, each individual focused on their strengths and they came together as a team to perform. They had a mindset to remain confident, trusting the process and believing in their ability to overcome. In life, we can feel overwhelmed by unimaginable circumstances. We may feel paralyzed by what we see and lose focus on the strengths we have and the perseverance to keep going.

What overwhelming obstacles are you facing today? Are you paralyzed in fear of circumstances, thoughts and feelings that keep you from living in your strengths? Are you anxious and making choices that hurt you or others? I believe you have been given gifts and strengths that lie within. Whether you have discovered them or not, they are there. At times we may need someone to identify them and bring them to our attention. We may need someone to encourage us to stay on course in reaching our goals. As a therapist, I empower people to discover their strengths. I seek out the resources that might be overlooked and help create belief for the next positive step. I’ve been witness the miracle of the impossible in the lives of the people I work with. I have seen people in seemingly impossible situation renew their belief, recover their strengths and restore the life they desire.

I encourage you and challenge you to incorporate your strengths in your everyday life as a spouse, parent, business owner, employee or friend. Whatever your goal for growth, my passion is to work alongside you to help you focus on the present day and find your miraculous comeback. The Patriots focused on winning each play. You can “win” each day in the belief that you will come out on top.

Call me today to schedule an appointment to focus on how you can be the change you desire. I am here to help you reach your goals, but not just reach them, do so in a way that exudes confidence in your gifts and strengths.

Jeff Ortiz, MA, MFTi

Renovari Therapist