Empowering Strong Parenting for Healthy Children

As a parent, you would do anything for your child. You run on a little sleep and a lot of coffee. You help write book reports, you fight over putting on pajamas or eating vegetables, you clean up spills and find boogers in your hair. And it’s all worth it to see your little one smile at a silly face you make, or laugh at a joke, or make up a dance with friends.

But what happens when your little one stops smiling and laughing and dancing? What happens when they fight and argue and cry? What do you do when they refuse to go to school, or lock themselves in their room, or begin defying even your simplest direction?  Do you feel guilty when you and your child argue every day, and all you can do is yell, when all you want to do is reconnect?

If your child is exhibiting defiant, impulsive, anxious or depressive symptoms, it is common to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless.  If you have felt the crushing heartbreak of hearing your child cry inconsolably, shake with anxiety, or curse right at your face, first let me tell you: You are not alone. You are a super-parent, and there is hope.

Your child’s sense of safety and self-confidence is developed through their interactions with the people around them. Through both positive and negative interactions, children begin to create a strong perspective through which they view themselves and their place in the world.  Traumatic or even stressful situations can easily create feelings of anxiety, shame, doubt, or sadness.  Sometimes, what is stressful to a child may not feel stressful to an adult, and because of this, we may not always recognize why a child is acting out or closing themselves off from others.  In many children, feelings of sadness, low self-worth, anxiety, guilt, or shame may present as hyperactive or defiant behaviors.  These behaviors can become very difficult for a parent to control or understand.  In addition, the child, who is wanting to connect with others and feel safe, may inadvertently push others away with their attitude or explosive outbursts.

There is the good news. Every person has within them all the tools they will ever need to create for themselves a happy, healthy, productive life, and children are no exception.  Here at Renovari Counseling, we create an environment where your child is able to reconnect with the self-soothing and healing qualities that he or she already possesses. We help the child find creative and effective ways to communicate more clearly.

A child’s first language is play, and by speaking this language, we gain access and permission into a child’s inner world.  Young children may not have the words yet to express when they are feeling angry, sad, guilty, anxious, or stressed, but these themes will present themselves in their play. 

Through the use of expressive art and play therapy, we create a safe space where your child is able to address whatever problems have surfaced in their life and work through them. We will work side by side with you to connect you with your child through meaningful interaction in sessions and at home.  If your child is exhibiting problem behaviors, we will work collaboratively with you to create specific plans that can be implemented at school and at home.  We know that you would do anything to see your child live their best possible life, and at Renovari Counseling we will work with you to make that desire a reality.

If your child is struggling behaviorally or emotionally, call us today, and begin the journey towards strong connections and a happier, healthier home.  Give us a call today and begin the journey of healing, growth and health!

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