The Decisions We Make

I'm continually suprised by how difficult it is for me to make simple decisions. Whether it be a TV show, a pair of shoes, or a brand of coffee I find myself constantly "weighing" the options. Life is full of decisions. They never end and very few are without some sort of tangible impact on our lives. There are decisions we consciously make. There are decisions we don’t make and there are decisions we are not fully aware of. In a culture of endless information, endless choices and seemingly endless decisions to make, we can become overwhelmed, frustrated or confused. I talk with many people paralyzed by indecision. Here is the irony, the paralysis is usually not due to too few options, but rather too many.

I live near downtown Fullerton. The options for eating out are endless. Too often I have chosen something that is unhealthy and/or expensive. These decisions have led to unhealthy consequences for me both physically and financially. Those are two areas I realized I needed help in getting back into order and health in my life. I have recently made decisions to get help from those who are healthy in those areas. They are helping guide better decisions in those areas of my life. They are guiding my steps to greater health which is already making an impact in my life.

Very few decision I make in my daily life are without consequence, good or bad. Having others guide me towards better decisions has been critically important. I know I can’t do it all alone, and I don’t have to.

I have had the privilege of empowering, encouraging and witnessing people make a decision to get into recovery after years of addiction. They make the decision to get help from those who have experience in the courageous and miraculous journey of recovery. I have also been a part of people making a decision to engage in the road of healing from trauma, abuse and painful relationships. I have come along people making decisions to overcome their depression, anxieties and fears. Truly, the decisions to do something about their lives has made a tremendous impact on them and the people who love them.

Seeing people make decisions to take the steps towards a more fulfilling, significant and joyful life has never, for even a moment, gotten old. It is fresh every time. It is not always an easy decision, but it can be a simple one. It may be one of the most important decision you make.

Finding people and resources in your life to that proven success or expertise in the areas you are looking to change or improve is crucial. These are the people that can move the idea, thought desire into action. Most importantly, DECIDE!

Here at Renovari Counseling we help guide a process of healing, change and growth towards a more fulfilling life. We have experience working with addicitons, couples/marriages, families, depression, anxiety and mental emotional issues. If there is any way that Renovari Counseling can be of service or help please don’t hesitate to call or email.
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