Showing Up For Your Life: Part 1

In a time and place where we are bombarded by distractions, easy and cheap entertainment, escapes of all varieties it is easy to miss out on the life sitting right in front of us. We hear of the Eastern Meditation practices that help us "live in the moment" and often believe that it is a mystical practice for the super-spiritual or super-enlightened people around us. If nothing else, "living in the moment" is impractical and naive. The painful truth is that our life is only lived in the moment. "Living in the moment" is simply living in the reality of our own lives. When we are distracted by the latest Facebook post, sports scandal, political upheaval or daily anxieties we are often missing out on what is right in front of us.

When we see a child pleading for the attention of a phone-distracted parent, or a boy playing football by himself while his dad is watching grown men (he will never meet or influence) playing on TV we are often heartbroken or even angered for the little boy. The painful reality of my own life, is that these are two examples I'm guilty of. These endless distractions are taking us out of the game we are currently in; the incredible important moments of life. Living in the moment is simply being connected to, and living our life right now.

What needs to be recognized and acknowledged is the sneaky power distractions have over our lives. We never intend to be taken out by distractions, but when distraction is fueled by a reprieve from stress, depression, anxiety it takes on a force of its own. The power of the distraction is simple, it works in taking our minds and hearts away from experiencing the difficulty of our lives. For a moment we forgot and become disconnected from our pains, confusions, difficulties or emptiness. The unintended and real consequence is the distraction takes our minds and hearts away from everything else, including the solution to our problems. Distractions will NOT make our difficulties go away. In fact, they will keep our difficulties locked in further distraction and escape. We will be unable to show up for our life and the lives of those we love.

If you are finding yourself lost in endless or powerful distractions and escapes, or you are finding it difficult to show up for your life I encourage you to be truthful with yourself and do whatever you can to get back into the game of your life.

For me, my heart’s deep desire is for my wife, two boys and loved ones to know and experience me showing up for life; my life and theirs. Here at Renovari Counseling we "show up" for those we help, so they can show up for their life.

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