Raising Confident Kids

Most parents I encounter desire to raise confident kids. Yet, encouraging words and praise may not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of building confidence in your children. Why would it be if you were not encouraged or praised growing up or positively recognized for job well done or act of integrity. Sometimes we fall into the trap of expectations and assume we should not have to positively praise our children for the things they are “supposed” to do.

We assume our kids should get good grades, do their chores and respect others. We take for granted the standard we hold them to and when they do well, little praise is provided. We may not take the time to tell them how much we appreciate them and acknowledge how hard they work.

The benefit of praising and encouraging our children is to help build confidence and security in their positive attributes and behaviors, and then share the same encouragement with others. They will learn to recognize and acknowledge positive qualities of others and help to create healthy relationships. Praising them and expressing how we feel about them provides a secure attachment towards us as parents. They begin to become more confident in who they are and their sense of self-worth begins to grow.

Parents, take the time to praise and encourage through your words.  Build up your son or daughter so they not only know the value you have in them, and the value they have in themselves.  Do this through the compassion and love you have for them; remember, you are building up the future generation. Express what you are already thinking and believing in your children, reach out to them and let them know.

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Jeff Ortiz, MFTI