Committing to Change

Summer is coming to a close…is it time to get healthy?

With summer coming to a close, kids are back in school, vacations are over and the days of sunshine are starting to diminish. The months of “putting on” a happy face, or keeping busy to make the family happy are over. Now is the time when feelings of unhappiness start to surface - the same ones that may have been put away in anticipation of a busy summer. The feelings of pain, hurt, depression and anxiety can set in as the sun sets earlier in the day. Not knowing what to do or how to cope with these stressors can make life even more difficult.

If you struggle with these feelings and experiences I encourage you to face them and transform them. Like a physical fitness coach who encourages those wanting to lose weight, I encourage you to lose the mental baggage that has been weighing you down. Perhaps you do not need to lose weight, but the internal struggle of difficult feelings keep you locked up in your own personal closet. It’s time to break out and learn, challenge and mold yourself into the person you want to be.

Allow me to help you discover ways to deal with the stressful things in your life such as unwanted behavior patterns or deep rooted beliefs and feelings connected to your past. I want to work together with you to change your view of these stressors and implement positive change. Like exercise, this is not an easy process. It takes work, commitment and courage to take on the challenge to produce change. As you do so, you will begin to feel free - free to implement healthy habits, healthier ways of thinking and an overall healthier you. This is a choice you are making to feel better about yourself. You are in control of this choice. Change requires a first step in the right direction, the desire to continue and a commitment to follow through in the process.

Similar to positive results in exercise such as losing weight, toning up and increasing overall fitness, a healthier you mentally, spiritually and cognitively will allow you to focus on strengths and results. A healthier you will bring about changes in habits and encourage you to develop boundaries to know your limits so you can thrive in your strengths and maintain a healthy life. Make the commitment to you. It is an invaluable investment towards lifelong health.

Here at Renovari Counseling we empower families, couples and individuals to work through the issues and challenges of life and family, to be the best version of themselves and better for their families. Give us a call today.

Empowering the Change You Desire!

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