Restoring Sexual Integrity - A 6-Week Group Experiential for Men

Moving from Isolation to Restoration

The Restore Integrity group is designed for those who desire to live relationally connected, whole and fulfilled lives, but struggle with sexual behavior and patterns that hold them back and create damage in their personal lives.

 What starts out as an occasional sexual outlet often turns into a painful and destructive habit.  Sexually harmful habits and behaviors lead to frustration, shame and fear. They also can become progressively more dangerous and destructive. Relationally, these patterns cause broken trust and disconnection, as well as devastating isolation. The feelings of fear of being found out, the shame of a secret life and the loneliness are often overwhelming. 

If you or a loved one is in this place, you are definitely not alone. There is hope and healing. Through years of experience in guiding others to freedom and fulfillment, Renovari has created a 6-week process that brings clarity to the sexual behavior/patterns, builds strong support and creates a plan for recovery process to restore greater connection with the yourself, others and God. In essence, the experience guides a process of freedom and integrity to areas of broken sexuality and relationships.

People who take the courageous and bold steps to discover the recovery process end up with lives they never imagined possible. As one person in the Restored Integrity process has put it, “I’m no longer afraid of reality. I can now live authentically in myself and in the world. I am learning how to recover from my compulsivity and shame.“

The group meets on Tuesdays from 3:30pm-5:00pm and begins November 7th. The group will run through December 19th. The 6-Week Restoring Integrity Experience will be a group process.  The cost is $600.

It is important to register as soon as possible due to limited space. Contact Chris Williams, LMFT at to inquire or register. You can also give us a call at 714-833-2472 or visit our website at

*For the purposes of safety and maximum benefit, this group is a male specific group. If you are a female struggling with sexually compulsive or dangerous behavior please feel free to have a confidential consultation in which we can guide you to the right help and support.

The Empowered Life Experiential Workshop

From Powerless to Empowered

This 8-week group process is designed for those who desire to live purposeful and fulfilled lives, but have found themselves feeling stuck and unsatisfied in the life they’re living. The “stuck life” carries a subtle, yet strong frustrations of barely making it by from day to day. The "stuck" experience is incredibly frustrating and emotionally draining. Yet, somewhere inside is a life designed for significance, connection and impact. This is the Empowered Life we were all meant to live.

Renovari has created an 8-week process to uncover the internal and external blocks that hold you back while discovering your purpose incorporating the unique experiences, abilities and opportunities you possess to propel you forward. The Empowered Life process guides through recovering from unhealthy patterns and painful fears, restores connection with the self, others and God, and renews clarity of purpose and significance in daily living.

One participant in the process stated, “I was empowered to clearly see the painful experiences, relational wounds and dysfunctional ways of thinking keeping me trapped. I found a safe space for raw honesty to discover my core strengths and a renewed confidence that catalyzed authentic love and connection. I became focused on my core purposes which led to a more fulfilling way of living. .”

Feeling trapped often leads to unhealthy patterns and behaviors that can become destructive. If you find yourself living the life you never wanted, there is a way through and a way out. This group is designed for you. It is time to invest in the life you were meant to live. Register today as space is limited (8 per group).

The 8 Week Empowered Life Experiential will meet Monday afternoon from 3:30pm – 5:00pm starting October 9th and finishing up December 2nd. The cost is $800 for the 8-Week Experiential. 

 It is important to register as soon as possible due to limited space. Contact Chris Williams at to inquire or register. You can also give us a call at 714-833-2472.

Living Free - A 10 Week Trauma Recovery Group Experiential


Breaking Free from Painful Pasts

The Living Free experience is designed for those who desire to live emotionally free and fulfilled lives, yet encountered traumatic and painful life circumstances that keep them stuck in unhealthy compulsive behaviors and/or self-defeating relational patterns. It can often be difficult to see the connection between our past pain and current struggles, but the link is real and powerful. Our painful and traumatic histories often show up in relentless fears, frustration and anxiety. Trauma creates an internal emotional world that feels like an out-of-control rollercoaster.

Intuitively, we know that life is not supposed to be lived in constant fear and frustration. The Living Free process guides you through the pain of the past and into greater personal freedom in a safe and supportive environment. Through the healing process there is a greater experience of security, connection and restored hope.

The spiritual writer Richard Rohr says, “the pain that is not transformed is transmitted.” We see this truth clearly in the unresolved and unhealed hurts of our past. If you, or a loved one is in this place please take this opportunity to discover the freedom of trauma recovery. As one person stated, “I’m figuring how to live in the world as a feeling person. I am learning to be more of myself and more present to life in front of me. I am no longer defined or determined by what has happened to me.” 

The 10-Week Living Free Experience is a group process. The group will meet Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm – 5:00pm Starting August 15th and finish-up October 24th (off Labor Day Week). The cost is $1000 for 10 - Week Experiential Group.

It is important to register as soon as possible due to limited space. Contact Chris Williams, LMFT at to inquire or register. You can also give us a call at 714-833-2472 or visit our website at

Believing the Miracle

This past Sunday I was one of millions who watched the Super Bowl. Watching the first 3 quarters it was safe to say whom was going to win. From the first play, the Falcons outperformed the Patriots in nearly every aspect of the game. The Falcons were poised and confident in their performance. However, as the game continued into the later stages, there was something else going on. It was subtle, consistent and powerful. We were beginning to see the reemergence of the Patriots as we have been accustomed to seeing. They kept focused on each play in front of them, climbing back into the game. The lead was so big and at times unimaginable to overcome, but the Patriots continued to play each down, making the most of their opportunities. They were trailing 28-9 late in the second half. They closed the gap to 28-12, then 28-20 and then 28-28. The game was sent into overtime and history was made with the largest comeback in both Super Bowl and NFL Playoff history. The unimaginable was playing out right in front us. To come back from that big of a deficit and eventually win is nothing short of miraculous! However, the miracle wasn’t mysterious. The Patriots ability to remain focused on their strengths and refused to give up propelled them into the impossible. The Patriots believed they had what it took to win and did just that.

One image sticks in my brain, Tom Brady walking off the field and into the locker room looking determined though he was down 21-3. I have no idea what was said in the locker room, but nothing mysterious took place. My guess is, each individual focused on their strengths and they came together as a team to perform. They had a mindset to remain confident, trusting the process and believing in their ability to overcome. In life, we can feel overwhelmed by unimaginable circumstances. We may feel paralyzed by what we see and lose focus on the strengths we have and the perseverance to keep going.

What overwhelming obstacles are you facing today? Are you paralyzed in fear of circumstances, thoughts and feelings that keep you from living in your strengths? Are you anxious and making choices that hurt you or others? I believe you have been given gifts and strengths that lie within. Whether you have discovered them or not, they are there. At times we may need someone to identify them and bring them to our attention. We may need someone to encourage us to stay on course in reaching our goals. As a therapist, I empower people to discover their strengths. I seek out the resources that might be overlooked and help create belief for the next positive step. I’ve been witness the miracle of the impossible in the lives of the people I work with. I have seen people in seemingly impossible situation renew their belief, recover their strengths and restore the life they desire.

I encourage you and challenge you to incorporate your strengths in your everyday life as a spouse, parent, business owner, employee or friend. Whatever your goal for growth, my passion is to work alongside you to help you focus on the present day and find your miraculous comeback. The Patriots focused on winning each play. You can “win” each day in the belief that you will come out on top.

Call me today to schedule an appointment to focus on how you can be the change you desire. I am here to help you reach your goals, but not just reach them, do so in a way that exudes confidence in your gifts and strengths.

Jeff Ortiz, MA, MFTi

Renovari Therapist


Thriving Families for 2017

Being a great parent is easier than most of us make it out to be. By simply remaining positively involved and engaged provides needed security and guidance for your child to thrive. The problem is that realizing you are a great parent takes a long time. In the meantime, what do you do when the kid you love so much is driving you absolutely crazy?  Who or what do you blame when they talk back, refuse to do their homework, have tantrums, and don’t listen to anything you say? It’s hard enough being a working parent who is trying to balance home life, a job, extracurriculars for the kids, their school, and your sanity. You are doing the best you can, and sometimes, it doesn’t seem like enough.  And on top of all of that, you can feel guilty about constantly feeling frustrated with your child.  But what hurts the most is the constant pangs of disappointment when you reach out to be close to your child, and they pull away.

Let me start off by saying that many parents feel this way. We constantly compare ourselves to other parents we know. We wonder how they manage to keep it all together so nicely, when we feel like we are falling apart. We wonder how they get their kids to behave, when ours is giving attitude about every little thing. However, those parents that you are comparing yourself to often feel the same way.  Every good parent who is involved in their child’s life feels, at some point in time, like they aren’t enough. But you are. You are more than enough and need to be reminded that there is no substitute for you. Sometimes all it takes is a little change and a little more understanding to get back in rhythm with your family. 

Let me let you in on an important discovery in most behavioral problems. In my work with over hundreds of children and their families, behavior problems almost always boil down to feeling worried, unsafe, or sad. The anxious child may not be able to tell you that she feels worried about having to do a speech at school, or that he gets nervous in small spaces, or that they worry about you getting hurt when you leave for work.  The depressed child may not be able to tell you that he hates going to school because he is being bullied, or that she just doesn’t feel happy and she doesn’t know why. Instead, they feel so uncomfortable on the inside that they begin to show it on the outside with a poor attitude, school difficulties, and frequent arguments with you.     

As the holidays come to a close and the New Year is fast approaching, let me suggest a New Year’s resolution that can help your family feel secure and connected: Plan to have a meal together every week.  Try to make it the same night and time each week.  This time with your child allows them to feel a sense of structure and safety. It is a time they can look looked forward to every week. Make this meal a time where everyone can share about their week or talk about something they enjoy.  Hearing each other talk about things that are important in your lives will help instill a sense of bonding and connectedness within your family.  Plus, involved parenting can increase feelings of joy and belongingness within your child, and increase their self-esteem.

Most of us find at times that we need strong guidance and help for creating connection in the family. If you feel this way, I can help.  Call me today.  I will work directly with you and your child to identify the underlying causes of your child’s behavior, and will help you develop solutions that can be applied at home that will provide structure and security for your child.  Remember that you are not alone in your feelings of frustration, or in the guilt and shame that comes with those feelings. Most parents have felt this way, and we all need help along the way. The fact that you are seeking help for you and your child is a sign of great courage and strength.

I know that you do not want to continue harboring these feelings of frustration and guilt towards your child. Continuing to hold onto these emotions will only lead to an environment of disconnection within your family, and the distance will grow over time. 

Be willing to take ta take action, seek help, and follow the plan. Eventually, you will find yourself enjoying your child again. You will see that your child will begin to have increased self-esteem, less emotional outbursts, and will be better built for a successful future.

If you have been reading this, you have already shown that you are committed to your child’s well-being, even when they push you to your absolute limits. Keep it up. Your child needs you, your child loves you, and with a little guidance and perseverance, you can move towards greater feelings of love and connectedness with your child.  Call and schedule an appointment today.

Devynn Owens, MFTi 92970, Child/Parenting Specialist

Supervised by Chris Williams, LMFT 52007

Renovari Therapist


Empowering Strong Parenting for Healthy Children

As a parent, you would do anything for your child. You run on a little sleep and a lot of coffee. You help write book reports, you fight over putting on pajamas or eating vegetables, you clean up spills and find boogers in your hair. And it’s all worth it to see your little one smile at a silly face you make, or laugh at a joke, or make up a dance with friends.

But what happens when your little one stops smiling and laughing and dancing? What happens when they fight and argue and cry? What do you do when they refuse to go to school, or lock themselves in their room, or begin defying even your simplest direction?  Do you feel guilty when you and your child argue every day, and all you can do is yell, when all you want to do is reconnect?

If your child is exhibiting defiant, impulsive, anxious or depressive symptoms, it is common to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless.  If you have felt the crushing heartbreak of hearing your child cry inconsolably, shake with anxiety, or curse right at your face, first let me tell you: You are not alone. You are a super-parent, and there is hope.

Your child’s sense of safety and self-confidence is developed through their interactions with the people around them. Through both positive and negative interactions, children begin to create a strong perspective through which they view themselves and their place in the world.  Traumatic or even stressful situations can easily create feelings of anxiety, shame, doubt, or sadness.  Sometimes, what is stressful to a child may not feel stressful to an adult, and because of this, we may not always recognize why a child is acting out or closing themselves off from others.  In many children, feelings of sadness, low self-worth, anxiety, guilt, or shame may present as hyperactive or defiant behaviors.  These behaviors can become very difficult for a parent to control or understand.  In addition, the child, who is wanting to connect with others and feel safe, may inadvertently push others away with their attitude or explosive outbursts.

There is the good news. Every person has within them all the tools they will ever need to create for themselves a happy, healthy, productive life, and children are no exception.  Here at Renovari Counseling, we create an environment where your child is able to reconnect with the self-soothing and healing qualities that he or she already possesses. We help the child find creative and effective ways to communicate more clearly.

A child’s first language is play, and by speaking this language, we gain access and permission into a child’s inner world.  Young children may not have the words yet to express when they are feeling angry, sad, guilty, anxious, or stressed, but these themes will present themselves in their play. 

Through the use of expressive art and play therapy, we create a safe space where your child is able to address whatever problems have surfaced in their life and work through them. We will work side by side with you to connect you with your child through meaningful interaction in sessions and at home.  If your child is exhibiting problem behaviors, we will work collaboratively with you to create specific plans that can be implemented at school and at home.  We know that you would do anything to see your child live their best possible life, and at Renovari Counseling we will work with you to make that desire a reality.

If your child is struggling behaviorally or emotionally, call us today, and begin the journey towards strong connections and a happier, healthier home.  Give us a call today and begin the journey of healing, growth and health!

Devynn Owens, MA, MFTi 92970

Supervised by Chris Williams, MFT 52007

2950 E Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821

Phone: 951-818-7892

Showing Up for Your Teenager Part I

Do you find your teenager being disengaged and preoccupied with their phones, video games or social media? Has your little girl or boy grown up into a young adult you don’t really know? Is this new season of parenting difficult for you and causing tension between you and your teenager? Regardless of the challenges or how your teenager responds, you still remain the most important person in their life. They still need you and your love and guidance whether they express it, or even challenge it. You remain the most important connection they have.

Gone are the days of your child listening to every instruction and discipline you may have provided them. As parents, we know “what is right and wrong” for our children. We do all we can to protect, guide and love them along their way in life.  However, the teenager is testing his/her independence and separation from the family. They challenge the rules and expectations. There is the fear of our teenager's failure or going off rails as his/her grades slip or moods shifts. What is going on? How can I reach them? Who are they? All valid questions.

Though your teenager may not be able to clearly express his/her needs, they still need acceptance and reassurance in the tumultuous transition called the teen years. They need you to compliment them and remind them of their value and worth. Do not stop speaking positive praise into them, regardless of what you see. Look for strengths at all cost in your teenager, even if that means to compliment them on something as little as their smile. Keep looking for the positives. As parents we too easily get caught up on correcting the negatives we see. In the hundreds of people I’ve worked with I’ve discovered that positive reinforcement is more sustainable motivation and facilitate authentic connection.

This child you used to wash and cloth as your little prince or princess is growing up. Maybe your teenage boy doesn’t shower or brush his teeth as often as he should. Maybe your daughter is trying to dress as if she were going to a nightclub as she heads off to school. They are looking for acceptance to increase self-esteem. I encourage you as parents to provide them acceptance before they seek it outside the house. They may not acknowledge you or put value into what you say, but they hear it. They will grow out of this phase one day and will they look back and think “My parents loved me through a time I treated them poorly.”  The choice is yours, your consistency will show your child unconditional love and support in how you value them. The affects may not be immediate, but they are profound.

Look for ways to connect with them in what they are interested in. If your teenage son likes to play video games, watch him play and ask him questions about the game. If your daughter likes music you are not familiar with, listen to it and ask questions about it. The more we can connect, the better the opportunity to know how they are thinking and feeling. You are showing them they are valued in asking about their interests. If we seek to know more about them and their interests, it may increase dialog about other things in life. If they resist, don’t give up.

Finally, create empathy with your teenager. Place yourself in their shoes. Do you remember going to school, measuring yourself up to all the popular kids, the stresses of homework and fitting in with your peers?  Help them identify their feelings and valid them. I repeat, your teenager’s feelings are valid. Did I mention your teenager’s feelings are valid? It is important to drive this point home. Remember, they are the same person whom you held in your arms. They are the same person you used to get ice cream with and play at the park. This awkward age needs you to connect and validate what they are going through. As we create empathy, we create safety and the possibility of vulnerability with them. You may not always agree with what they think or how they feel, but resist the strong initial urge to correct or fix their feelings. Help them work through it. Your job is no less important than when they were a young child, it’s just different.

If you are experiencing challenges and struggles with your teenager and need help please give me a call today. There is hope and there are solutions. Here at Renovari Counseling we provide professional guidance to empower the change you desire.

Jeff Ortiz, MFTi, IMF 85140

Supervised by Chris Williams, LMFT 52007

Renovari Counseling

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Committing to Change

Summer is coming to a close…is it time to get healthy?

With summer coming to a close, kids are back in school, vacations are over and the days of sunshine are starting to diminish. The months of “putting on” a happy face, or keeping busy to make the family happy are over. Now is the time when feelings of unhappiness start to surface - the same ones that may have been put away in anticipation of a busy summer. The feelings of pain, hurt, depression and anxiety can set in as the sun sets earlier in the day. Not knowing what to do or how to cope with these stressors can make life even more difficult.

If you struggle with these feelings and experiences I encourage you to face them and transform them. Like a physical fitness coach who encourages those wanting to lose weight, I encourage you to lose the mental baggage that has been weighing you down. Perhaps you do not need to lose weight, but the internal struggle of difficult feelings keep you locked up in your own personal closet. It’s time to break out and learn, challenge and mold yourself into the person you want to be.

Allow me to help you discover ways to deal with the stressful things in your life such as unwanted behavior patterns or deep rooted beliefs and feelings connected to your past. I want to work together with you to change your view of these stressors and implement positive change. Like exercise, this is not an easy process. It takes work, commitment and courage to take on the challenge to produce change. As you do so, you will begin to feel free - free to implement healthy habits, healthier ways of thinking and an overall healthier you. This is a choice you are making to feel better about yourself. You are in control of this choice. Change requires a first step in the right direction, the desire to continue and a commitment to follow through in the process.

Similar to positive results in exercise such as losing weight, toning up and increasing overall fitness, a healthier you mentally, spiritually and cognitively will allow you to focus on strengths and results. A healthier you will bring about changes in habits and encourage you to develop boundaries to know your limits so you can thrive in your strengths and maintain a healthy life. Make the commitment to you. It is an invaluable investment towards lifelong health.

Here at Renovari Counseling we empower families, couples and individuals to work through the issues and challenges of life and family, to be the best version of themselves and better for their families. Give us a call today.

Empowering the Change You Desire!

Jeff Ortiz, MA, MFTI #85140

(626) 261-3299

Raising Confident Kids

Most parents I encounter desire to raise confident kids. Yet, encouraging words and praise may not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of building confidence in your children. Why would it be if you were not encouraged or praised growing up or positively recognized for job well done or act of integrity. Sometimes we fall into the trap of expectations and assume we should not have to positively praise our children for the things they are “supposed” to do.

We assume our kids should get good grades, do their chores and respect others. We take for granted the standard we hold them to and when they do well, little praise is provided. We may not take the time to tell them how much we appreciate them and acknowledge how hard they work.

The benefit of praising and encouraging our children is to help build confidence and security in their positive attributes and behaviors, and then share the same encouragement with others. They will learn to recognize and acknowledge positive qualities of others and help to create healthy relationships. Praising them and expressing how we feel about them provides a secure attachment towards us as parents. They begin to become more confident in who they are and their sense of self-worth begins to grow.

Parents, take the time to praise and encourage through your words.  Build up your son or daughter so they not only know the value you have in them, and the value they have in themselves.  Do this through the compassion and love you have for them; remember, you are building up the future generation. Express what you are already thinking and believing in your children, reach out to them and let them know.

Here at Renovari Counseling we help parents work through the issues and challenges of life and family, to be the best version of themselves and be better for their families. Give us a call today.

Jeff Ortiz, MFTI

The Invaluable Gift of Dad

In our culture, sons are taught to be tough, strong, aggressive and leaders.  What is often ignored is teaching them to be expressive about emotions, empathetic, loving and caring. These are the qualities that produce great husbands, dads and leaders. As dads, we have an opportunity to teach our sons qualities that will help them to identify with others, with their parents and in the future with their girlfriends and spouses and the world around them.

If we do not teach our sons how to process their feelings and how to express them, they will be severely limited in their ability to face adversity well. They will become aggressive or bottle up their feelings and shut down, turning from connecting with others, which lead to greater insecurities. I encourage you to teach them how to express their feelings.

How do we do this? By spending time with them.  We can get lost in the day to day of career, family and all the “business” of life.  Make it a point to set aside a time throughout the week to make a connection with your son. He has admired you since the day you first spoke to him. He has watched how you treat his mom and how you provide for the family. You have been the example of what a man should be from the beginning of his first breaths. You are his hero and he wants nothing more than to spend time with you and to make you proud.

Spending time with your son will show how much you value his relationship.  Playing catch in the yard or going to the park to fly a kite. Watching a movie together, working on a puzzle together, the possibilities are endless. This time helps express how much you love him, creating self-worth, creating confidence and creating security. You are showing him hands on what it means to make connections with others. Your time and patience with him is displaying what it means to love unconditionally. Also, and simply, talk with them. There is no substitute for communication.

Our sons will grow up fast and before we know it, they will be grown men themselves. Will we look back and be proud of the time we spent with them? Will we look back and think about fatherhood as an investment we put into our sons to provide for their future. Will they know their worth in our eyes and hearts because we have spent time with them?  The choice is yours to invest in them and provide a secure base for their future.

Here at Renovari Counseling we help fathers work through the issues and challenges of life and family to be the best version of themselves and be better for their families. Give us a call today.

Jeff Ortiz, MA, MFTI

Showing Up For Your Life: Part 1

In a time and place where we are bombarded by distractions, easy and cheap entertainment, escapes of all varieties it is easy to miss out on the life sitting right in front of us. We hear of the Eastern Meditation practices that help us "live in the moment" and often believe that it is a mystical practice for the super-spiritual or super-enlightened people around us. If nothing else, "living in the moment" is impractical and naive. The painful truth is that our life is only lived in the moment. "Living in the moment" is simply living in the reality of our own lives. When we are distracted by the latest Facebook post, sports scandal, political upheaval or daily anxieties we are often missing out on what is right in front of us.

When we see a child pleading for the attention of a phone-distracted parent, or a boy playing football by himself while his dad is watching grown men (he will never meet or influence) playing on TV we are often heartbroken or even angered for the little boy. The painful reality of my own life, is that these are two examples I'm guilty of. These endless distractions are taking us out of the game we are currently in; the incredible important moments of life. Living in the moment is simply being connected to, and living our life right now.

What needs to be recognized and acknowledged is the sneaky power distractions have over our lives. We never intend to be taken out by distractions, but when distraction is fueled by a reprieve from stress, depression, anxiety it takes on a force of its own. The power of the distraction is simple, it works in taking our minds and hearts away from experiencing the difficulty of our lives. For a moment we forgot and become disconnected from our pains, confusions, difficulties or emptiness. The unintended and real consequence is the distraction takes our minds and hearts away from everything else, including the solution to our problems. Distractions will NOT make our difficulties go away. In fact, they will keep our difficulties locked in further distraction and escape. We will be unable to show up for our life and the lives of those we love.

If you are finding yourself lost in endless or powerful distractions and escapes, or you are finding it difficult to show up for your life I encourage you to be truthful with yourself and do whatever you can to get back into the game of your life.

For me, my heart’s deep desire is for my wife, two boys and loved ones to know and experience me showing up for life; my life and theirs. Here at Renovari Counseling we "show up" for those we help, so they can show up for their life.

Renovari Counseling

The Decisions We Make

I'm continually suprised by how difficult it is for me to make simple decisions. Whether it be a TV show, a pair of shoes, or a brand of coffee I find myself constantly "weighing" the options. Life is full of decisions. They never end and very few are without some sort of tangible impact on our lives. There are decisions we consciously make. There are decisions we don’t make and there are decisions we are not fully aware of. In a culture of endless information, endless choices and seemingly endless decisions to make, we can become overwhelmed, frustrated or confused. I talk with many people paralyzed by indecision. Here is the irony, the paralysis is usually not due to too few options, but rather too many.

I live near downtown Fullerton. The options for eating out are endless. Too often I have chosen something that is unhealthy and/or expensive. These decisions have led to unhealthy consequences for me both physically and financially. Those are two areas I realized I needed help in getting back into order and health in my life. I have recently made decisions to get help from those who are healthy in those areas. They are helping guide better decisions in those areas of my life. They are guiding my steps to greater health which is already making an impact in my life.

Very few decision I make in my daily life are without consequence, good or bad. Having others guide me towards better decisions has been critically important. I know I can’t do it all alone, and I don’t have to.

I have had the privilege of empowering, encouraging and witnessing people make a decision to get into recovery after years of addiction. They make the decision to get help from those who have experience in the courageous and miraculous journey of recovery. I have also been a part of people making a decision to engage in the road of healing from trauma, abuse and painful relationships. I have come along people making decisions to overcome their depression, anxieties and fears. Truly, the decisions to do something about their lives has made a tremendous impact on them and the people who love them.

Seeing people make decisions to take the steps towards a more fulfilling, significant and joyful life has never, for even a moment, gotten old. It is fresh every time. It is not always an easy decision, but it can be a simple one. It may be one of the most important decision you make.

Finding people and resources in your life to that proven success or expertise in the areas you are looking to change or improve is crucial. These are the people that can move the idea, thought desire into action. Most importantly, DECIDE!

Here at Renovari Counseling we help guide a process of healing, change and growth towards a more fulfilling life. We have experience working with addicitons, couples/marriages, families, depression, anxiety and mental emotional issues. If there is any way that Renovari Counseling can be of service or help please don’t hesitate to call or email.
Renovari Counseling - Empowering the change you desire, to live the life you love!