Addiction Recovery

One of the most powerful definitions of addiction is, "a radical commitment to escape reality." When the internal and/or external reality of a person's life becomes too painful or overwhelming to deal with they will seek a way to escape or medicate those experiences. We have never met a person who ever intended to be addicted, yet addiction does not descriminate. It does not respect race, color, creed, gender, age or orientation. Addiction is a biological, psychological, relational and spiritual ailment which has a profound impact on the addicted person, as well as everyone connected to that person. One of the many painful realities of addiction is the life threatening denial of it, or the severity of it. Finding recovery is critically important, not only for the addicted person, but for the loved ones as well. Our goal is to help open new possibilities and ways for recovery and healthy pathways back to a life well-lived in reality.

*We not only treat individuals, couples and families impacted by addiction, but we are also connected with some of the best addiction treatment facilities in the country. If you or a loved one is in need of treatment, we come alongside the process to ensure the best fit possible. We also maintain close relationship with the facility's treatment team and support the family through the process.



Our hope by now is that the old (and destructive) stereotype of the "town drunk" or "street junkie" is a thing of the naive past. Though classic forms of problematic drinking and drug use are still very much alive today, we are encountering more and more people who are becoming dangerously dependent on prescription medication and the occassional drink that has become a regular habit of coping with life. When a substance begins to "control" the brain, the person eventually becomes "out-of-control" to that substance. This does not happen overnight and tricks the person into believing they are operating "just fine" or they can control it. The horrifying reality for many, is they only seek help and recovery after a series of very painful, or life-threatening experiences in their life. It is important to bgin a pathway of recovery as soon as possible.



Sexual/Pornography addiction has recently been described as a social "epidemic" and "tsunami" ravaging our collective hearts and souls. The countless painful stories of lost relationships, intense loneliness, devastated marriages and homes are becoming all too common. Like drugs and alcohol, sexual-based addictions do not descriminate. What used to be considered a "male" issue (which is incredibly misleading) is showing up in the lives of females in record numbers. This addiction is marked by debilitating and painful shame, isolation and loss of connection. It can remain well hidden from others, but often leads to greater anxiety, depression and inability to authentically connect with self and others. Again, recovery is critically important to the person who suffers in sexual addiciton, as well as that person's loved ones. Recovery is both possible and probably to those motivated to seek it out and follow the pathways of recovery.